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There mostly is traditional work here :la: Most games you'll see fan art of are Nintendo games, as those are the ones I've played the most throughout my gaming life. However, there will be games developed by other companies drawn here as well. That said, the "mood" of drawings goes from happy-colourful-friendly to pretty disturbing.
That also applies for my digital :dummy: Although serious/mature themes are not as frequently drawn as humorous ones.




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Sup, peeps! :dummy:
I am a very talkative person on this site :paranoid:
My way of drawings is pretty cartoon-esque :I It is currently evolving from stick-man like people to characters with a more "real" anatomy.
Currently studying graphic design :nuu:

Now let's talk fan art:
I've found locations to be funnier to draw, as I can create many different situations in each, with my people being thrown in. I feel it kinda makes the drawings be a bit more alive, to say in a way.
The games I'll be drawing from are mostly games that I've played. However, some exceptions have occurred, which are either games I haven't played yet (but would like to), or games that I thought their levels were amusing enough to consider :la:
THE BIG PROJECT: I've thought that drawing from all the games I've played would be a big achievement :D However, as of now, it's about 141 games we talk about :stare:
It usually takes a semester to complete each set of games (considering each is a set of 6 games); this is just a rough guess, having in mind that I'd keep the same pace of work each month. Since I complete these lists a lot faster once I'm on vacation or a break of sorts, it could take shorter. The amount of games per list can vary, depending on how many locations each game has to offer.
All in all, counting from the very first drawing, it would take about 10 years to get it all done :nuu: With the games being split in about 23 different lists.
Approximating the total of drawings per list to an average of 80, the total amount of drawings by the end of this project would be of 2316:omg: Holy crud, this is one big goal I set myself...

On the subject of original art:
My set of characters is pretty diverse, and even though the total amount is already set to 30, more characters are likely to appear in the future. These will be side-characters, and can work as "guests" in my traditional works, meaning that they would only appear every so often.
What I do with these characters isn't exactly one big story, but just little gags that show how their everyday-life can be (random events). Character development happens gradually, and implicitly...

I mostly use MS Paint for my works, and Microsoft Photo premium (Picture it) for some filters. However, I've started to also use Adobe Illustrator every now and then.

What I do:
Commissions: No :L Anything that involves points/money, I don't do that.
Requests: Not for traditional fan art, at least. I do requests for friends/watchers, actually.
HOWEVER... If you'd like to see your original characters appearing alongside mine, be it either in my traditional or digital, let me know. That I like doing :aww:

Llamas, Favs and watches are returned with comments. You're welcome
I don't watch for the sake of watching, by the way. I do it just with friends; as much as I'd like to see awesomesauce from someone, I prefer that the person I'm watching is friendly and talkative.
:iconfeelingfreeplz: Now let's enjoy dem drawings!
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That sounded a bit narcissistic XD
Anyways, to make it short, there's 6 English courses in my career. This semester was Basic 1. Too basic, if you ask me :stare: It was so annoying to be there in the classroom because I knew everything that was being taught.
So, in order to get that class off my schedule, and have some more time to devote to other courses, I asked for a way to exempt myself from it.
I had to do a test last week. 50 questions to be answered in under 35 minutes. I finished it with 5 minutes to spare. Just today I got to know my score: I got 47(or 49) correct answers. I still wonder where I got things wrong...
It's not like my English is bad, though. I mean, I remember I've been mistaken for a person whom's native language was that and not Spanish :B Such thing happened a few times here on dA.
In the end, I could free myself from all 6 courses at once :la: That is quite a relief! With that off the radar, I can program my schedules better D|<
But, I think I'd still have to assist to a class where English is applied in professional themes related to my career, which makes sense and I have no big deal with it.

:bulletred: On a side note, I have found myself quite busy lately D: Even during the weekends. It sucks... Needless to say it slows down the remaking of the profile pics of my characters, and even the creation of 2 more people I want (and my digital art in general). :iconheaddeskplz:
:bulletyellow: On another side note, list 7 is not far. I've calculated to get list 6 done by late May. However, I'll go into the details of what the seventh set includes a few weeks later.
I will not deny that I've felt the temptation of drawing the remakes of N64 Rainbow road and Toad's turnpike. They are different enough (and very) from the originals for me to consider drawing those locations again, but in their later version :dummy: :iconmariokartplz: I was quite pleased to see Toad's turnpike come back. It was pretty much the only course I wanted to see included as a retro track.

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