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There mostly is traditional work here :la: Most games you'll see fan art of are Nintendo games, as those are the ones I've played the most throughout my gaming life. However, there will be games developed by other companies drawn here as well. That said, the "mood" of drawings goes from happy-colourful-friendly to pretty disturbing.
That also applies for my digital :dummy: Although serious/mature themes are not as frequently drawn as humorous ones.




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Alright, here it goes.
Hey, people, welcome to my page =P Here you shall find crowded video game fanart and some random digital drawings.
I am aiming to do about 2300 traditional fan art drawings, so expect me to be on here for a while :B

Be warned: The only requests I take are inviting other people's characters into my traditional (maybe digital, no promises on that one). Art trades are fine by me, however, as long as they concern doing original characters.

I'm pretty nitpicky with the people I watch. Pro tip: they're friends.
If you were to watch me, I'd appreciate reading your opinion on my stuff. Faving my entire gallery, and as I submit, seems kinda silly, to be honest.

Well that's all I have to say by now. Enjoy my pieces :la:
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Snowmad's island - DKC tropical freeze
Because why not? :P

So, first of all, I just casually got into drawing. I have been a game junkie for as long as I can remember, and before getting into dA (or into art) I was an active user in YouTube, mostly uploading gameplay videos of the games I had during my PlayStation 2 days; specifically, Burnout gameplay (which inspired my username NoBillsOfCrashDamage). I just loved that franchise, and honestly I still do.
However, by the time I got a new computer, I couldn't keep on going with recording gameplay. Aside from technical obstacles, I have no available socket near to plug my console (I once tried this with my Wii). So I guess it was in 2010 when I uploaded my last vid before going inactive.

I always had a habit of doodling people doing random stuff in schoolbooks, from a fairly early age. But rarely would I start drawing later on. When I did, it usually was just for art class (one of my favourite classes). I actually got to do a little animation that same year I stopped using my YT actively, as homework. It was VERY rookie-ish. From the art to the dialogue. I still remember how it went, I could probably try to redo it eventually.

Just by July 2011 did I finally decide to take drawing a bit more seriously, considering my imagination never leaves me alone. The first thing I ever drew for real (and by that, I mean thoroughly draw and colour the whole pic) was Rainbow road from Mario Kart wii.
MKW tracks N.1 : Rainbow road by PictureOnProgress Look at it, it's fucking beautiful.
I was pretty proud of it, and I guess this was a feat by the time being. Though, it was done without a reference. I only got that idea by drawing #10 or so. And yes, my characters are not there. I was not having them in mind. Only by drawing #47 did I decide to add people in the scene, simply because the level in question had a crowd painfully visible.
Brawl stage N18: Smashville by PictureOnProgress But it's not like I was willing to draw animals.
Here's where they came to be. I didn't give them names right away. Only a few days later did I name everyone and dye the hair of the girls.
6 people, no more. I took it easy. And their appearance wasn't consistent from the start. The numbers varied, but at one point I preferred to do everyone at once. It was fun that way.
So I kept on going with my traditional, slowly improving but still without any technical knowledge. My number of characters rose from 6 to 10, then 20, and finally 30 in late 2012. Right now I have 38 (and plan to reach 40) but I prefer to keep the average of 30 people per level.
Once I hit college in 2013, there was a class where I was taught several technical things, and that helped me dramatically.
Ever since then, I've started to see my own errors and potential improvements (as well as listening to people here who point them out) to reach the level of skill I has today.
N64 Rainbow road - Mario kart 8 by PictureOnProgressSomething tells me rainbow themes may be my strength

Digital production was not my thing until late 2011, and I always used MS paint as my drawing program. I still do to this day.
Cameo doodles : The crew of 6 by PictureOnProgress Though things don't look nearly as flat now
I of course, drew everything in a single canvas. Things went that way for a while, until I decided to give my digital a twist. Particularly, using photos for background. My photomanipulation skills were little, the most I did was change hues and filter. I had a pretty decent start, but the improvement is significant, because once again, college showed me the pro way.
Female sport face-off by PictureOnProgress  Like I said, changing hues, and some really cheap gradients :XD:
Omnipotent mandala by PictureOnProgress  OK, I probably took it too far here. I apologize if you have some serious tripping
So beginning to work on objects separately made things a lot easier. Photoshop surely helped with filters, it has a broad selection, some of which I use regularly. However, Microsoft Photo premium 10 (picture it) is always used in the process, specially in the final stage.
I was taught vectors, but have only done 1 for leisure so far. It is, however, pretty remarkable.
R.K Omega by PictureOnProgress Because I could totally not draw this huge mofo from scratch.

What about my characters? Haven't stopped to talk about 'em.
Well, they have changed a lot visually over time.
Evolution of the round-heads by PictureOnProgress They're probably eating well
And things should just get better from here.
And the numerous interactions have made them develop psychologically. This can also include roleplays, although to a lesser degree.
That's essentially it for them :P I could honestly go on forever.

As for me, I too have changed ever since I joined in late October 2011 (after wandering on the site for several months). I was pretty naive about how things worked here, so I just left my art in my gallery and didn't spread it around until perhaps 2012. By then I decided to try submitting to groups. Well, I get favs, it's something. The thumbshare forum made it easier for me to get feedback, but I would only go there rarely. By late 2013 I started to regularly make thumbshare threads, and they have been very helpful in the comment department.
Also by then, I came to realize I wanted a goal. A huge homage to my now 14 years of gaming. Trying to draw all the locations from all the games I've played (which makes around 2300-2400 levels total). About 3 years and I'm still not halfway through. Though I must admit that in my first year I wasn't very determined. By the time I graduated from highschool (and had what possibly is the longest vacation in my entire life) I decided to draw periodically, at least for traditional. I shall try to make at the very least, 200 drawings a year.

And here I am now, still willing to draw, create and be a cheerful person in this community. My stickmen shall brighten your day! :shakefist:

Time for some honourable mentions:
LadyKuki I am pretty sure you were the first deviant I grew strongly attached to. You a perfectionist, I... Not so much; but hey, video games are what made us meet one another :la: I enjoyed the period when you were a regular in my art, but life happened. So going through the huge narrations of my traditional wasn't all that easy for you, aside from you slowly starting to grow indifferent about it, I guess. Well, we may re-encounter one day >_> You shall also remember the roleplays. They got pretty crazy.
Unknownmarksman115 Dude, I honestly don't remember how we met, but damn has it been fun talking with you :lol: We sure have oppositely-themed worlds and people, yet we manage to keep them from ripping each other apart in our roleplays. Our 2-year long roleplays! :la::la: We shall do a crossover pic someday, a huge one. It's long overdue, I think =P
Co-Phantom Sir, you have also given me a good time as a regular, but I know your situation so I can understand your absence. Still, we also got to roleplay, and things may have gotten as crazy as they did with Kuki. I've noticed you seem to be a fan of old B&W cartoons (or at least the style), so be warned: I have something in store for you. But you may have to wait for that to come.
LigoGren I wonder where you may be, but I have had fun with all those many conversations we have at once. :D
ScarletDemon4 Doing that fan art of your character began an awesome friendship :dance: I bet we can go far with our people if we make them interact some more. And I must say you are amusing yourself :dummy: And share the same problem that marksman has (but perhaps not to the same degree): Having to manage far too many characters :B Hundreds of them, maybe.
charcoalfeather Your feedback is very much appreciated :boogie: You're the one who always seems to be waiting for my thumbshare threads to come. It's a honour, really, you have an interesting story going on, and it's a nice time when reading it :la:
Nukealias2 Your array of people is an interesting one :nod: And you're a fun person to talk with :noes: Hopefully your story goes far, even without much of a fanbase.

Last, but not least:

*I return to college this Monday. So my art production will decrease again. And I must face the mind-boggle that is coding!:nuu:

Well that took long.... About 2 hours writing this? o_O

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I only have 12 places left.
After that I may come back to it to draw a few rooms and unused areas I may have missed.
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